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Highly recommended New Online Programmes

  1. Inspiring New Online Speech Therapy & Sensory Programmes for Teachers
  2. Are you concerned about the speech therapy needs of some of the children in your classroom?
  3. Would you like to have access to the most innovative, up-to-the-minute speech therapy programmes and techniques to help the children in your classroom?
  4. Are you a special needs teacher who would benefit from having access to a consultant speech & language therapist through monthly Q&A sessions for teachers only?
  5. Would you like to access the most innovative sensory programmes to help each child to be calm, regulated, listening and concentrating better in the classroom?
  6. Are you interested in learning how to develop Therapeutic Listening sound therapy programmes for children in your classroom?

If so membership site could have the programmes for you!


Karen O’Connor is a consultant speech and language therapist and advanced practitioner in sensory integration and sound therapy. Karen has over twenty years of experience helping children with complex communication and sensory difficulties to achieve their greatest potential. Karen has developed (@ school) as a unique space to give teachers all the information they need to develop each child’s speech, language, communication and sensory skills so that each child can learn to achieve their greatest potential.

Karen has been featured in

What is for Teachers?

Karen created for use at home or at school. The website is full of ideas, techniques, speech therapy courses and sessions, sensory sessions and programmes, video courses and video programmes developed by Karen to help children with all kinds of speech, language, communication and sensory difficulties to progress and achieve their true potential.

These programmes are suitable for children from 2-18 years and can be carried out at home or at school.

If you have any children in your class who are presenting with such difficulties, then we have the programmes for you.

What Teachers say about

"It's a great resource for teachers. We are getting such positive feedback from parents of kids we are working with this year. Parents are impressed with the way their programmes have been specifically tailored to their child’s needs. We developed each child’s programme based on the information and programmes from Karen’s membership site."
Principal of a Dublin school
"Karen is very compelling, very experienced and I love her holistic approach to overcoming difficulties. I also love that she is not focused on labels and is willing to look closely at children's individual needs. The videos are very helpful to inform planning for SEN children in our school. They have given us new ideas and most of all they have given us a new way of thinking about how we plan for SEN in our school."
Principal of a Co. Dublin school

How we support teachers, children and parents?

We will teach you how to:

  • Truly understand what is causing the child’s challenges
  • Look at all of the Pieces of the Jigsaw with the child to help them to progress in all areas including speech, language, attention, listening, interaction and engagement and learning in general.
  • Learn the most effective, up-to-the-minute speech and sensory techniques to help the child to be calm, regulated and improving in speech and language development
  • Understand how techniques such as sound therapy can develop the child’s speech, language and sensory skills quickly and easily
  • Use techniques that impact the neuroplasticity of the brain to speed up the child’s progress in all areas
  • Create Therapeutic Listening sound therapy programmes for the children that you
    work with.
  • Help each child in your classroom achieve their greatest potential!

Our Courses & Programmes

Speech Therapy Courses

Course 1

Does my child really have Autism (ASD)?

Course 2

How to really help a child with Dyspraxia achieve their greatest potential?

Course 3

How can we really help children with Sensory processing difficulties (SPD)?

Course 4

Is Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) or Auditory processing disorder (APD) really for life? No!

Course 5

Does my child really have ADHD?

Course 6

How to help a child with Global developmental delay (GDD) achieve their true potential?

Course 7

How to help children with Intellectual disability achieve their greatest potential?

Spotlight Programmes

Programme 1

“Why does my child not like hugs & kisses?”
The Touch Sense

Programme 2

“Why is my child’s eye-contact so poor?”
The Visual Sense

Programme 3

“Why is my child so busy, moving all the time?”
The Movement Sense

Programme 4

“Why is my child’s speech so poor?”
The Oral Sense

Programme 5

“Why does my child cover his ears to certain sounds?”
The Auditory Sense

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