Meet the Experts: Pauline Moran – Occupational Therapist

Meet The Experts is a series of interviews with professionals in the field of speech & language therapy.

Karen has travelled from Dublin to Toronto to London to meet with people who have worked tirelessly to find new ways of treating children with sensory difficulties.

Pauline Moran is a pediatric occupational therapist with over 20 years experience working with children with developmental changes. 

Pauline runs a Sensory Integration Clinic in Kilcoole, Co Wicklow. Pauline qualified in 1994 from the London School of Occupational Therapy, Brunel University. She began working in Paediatrics in 1996 and has great experience working with children with a variety of different conditions. 

Pauline has specific expertise in the area of sensory integration (SI). She is SIPT certified and is an advanced practitioner in sensory integration through the SI Network UK & Ireland with the University of Ulster. 

She is also an advanced Practitioner in Therapeutic Listening. Pauline has always been proactive in her continual professional development. She has a depth of training and certification reflective of her commitment to course attendance each year. 

Nothing gives Pauline more joy than seeing her clients’ progress to reaching their potential. She educates, liaises and works closely with parents, teachers, schools and other professionals. She works holistically with the children, referring the children to other professionals when required. 

Pauline looks at occupational performance throughout the child’s day in particular, certain things that might be affecting their behaviours and routines and then understanding what exactly is affecting the child’s function. 

Watch Karen’s interview with paediatric occupational therapist Pauline Moran below:

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